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Equipment Rental

Lemarg offers a full range of commercial drying equipment, professionally maintained and available at a moment's notice

Professional Equipment

Lemarg Rental offers best-in-class drying equipment options, including air movers, air scrubbers and industrial dehumidifiers.

Optional Monitoring

Not sure how to operate or best configure a complicated setup? Inquire about our professional monitoring service.

Emergency Service

Some problems can’t be fixed with a simple piece of equipment. Lemarg offers a professional emergency restoration service.

On-Site Delivery

Don’t worry about transporting large and often heavy equipment. The Lemarg Rental offers a 100% hustle free delivery service.

Emergency Services

Lemarg is a leading emergency service provider for both commercial and residential properties. We'll be glad to tackle any project in emergency remediation or restoration.

Lemarg Clean

We offer a complete range of comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions geared towards condos, office buildings and commercial structures.

Commercial drying equipment in Toronto

When in need of a top notch professional Toronto drying equipment rental, Lemarg Rental is the all-in-one, high quality company you are looking for. Our selection of drying equipment for Toronto companies, contractors, service providers, and businesses offers solutions to nearly any situation under the sun. From flood damage, to any work involving dust, mold, or other air quality issues, our drying equipment rental in Toronto offers full use of air scrubber units, shop vacs, negative air machines, industrial fans, humidifiers, industrial heaters, and a range of other air quality and flood recovery equipment rental in Toronto.

24/7 emergency services & drying equipment rentals in Toronto

Our company has been working in the Toronto area for years, so we know the damage that can be caused by melting snow and overflowing riverbanks. Basements are often the first casualties in these unfortunate events, and property owners are left to deal with the mess. Fortunately, Lemarg Rental offers dehumidifier rental in Toronto, as well as air scrubber rental and a range of other products, such as air movers, or aluminum shoring rentals—any time of the day or night. Our drivers deliver commercial drying equipment around Toronto to construction sites, local businesses, and flood or disaster management companies. We provide 24/7 delivery service for rentals in the Toronto area, at competitive prices and with superior customer service.

Toronto Drying Equipment Rentals

Any commercial businesses or service providers looking for air scrubber, dehumidifier, or flood recovery equipment rentals in Toronto need not look any further than Lemarg Rental. No job is too big or small for our one stop shop. We offer only the most modern and efficient drying equipment in Toronto—to make your job a lot safer and easier. In addition to leasing out the best drying equipment rentals out there, we also offer optional monitoring and consulting services for all the equipment that we rent. Contact us today to learn more about any of the products or services on our site.

Call us for immediate help. Trucks & Trailers Loaded & Ready to Deliver 24 / 7.