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Experience the power of industrial-grade air mover rentals with Drying Equipment services across Winnipeg. Ideally suited for emergency floods, restoration projects and work sites, Drying Equipment rentals are here whenever you need them. After placing an order through our online booking system, our skilled technicians will deliver our top-notch air mover rentals to your residence or workplace in two hours or less!

Fast, Effective and Easy-To-Use Air Mover Rentals.

Air mover rentals, also referred to as air blowers or carpet blowers rentals, are transportable compressed- air appliances that generate strong airflow to a specific area quickly and efficiently.

Through its targeted, high-pressure current, air mover rentals can do the same job much faster than a standard fan through the electric motor and impellers inside its’ shell-shaped casing. The other main difference between air mover rentals and traditional fans is that you can instantly start and stop the airflow whenever necessary, which is critical in situation where preciseness is key.

Always Ready to Go!

These highly reliable devices are easy to use too. Simply place the unit in the desired area/space you wish to target, plug it in and turn it on, and it’s ready to go! Once the machine is on, an air mover can run continuously for up to 24 hours.

Concerned about the unit running for long periods unattended or finding yourself in need of extra assistance? The option to request one of our technicians to set up and operate the equipment is available.

It’s that easy!

Transform Water Damaged Areas Quickly With Air mover Rentals

Our Winnipeg air mover rentals are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential functions, popularly used by event planners, construction workers, homeowners, and property and facility managers alike!

They are commonly used to remove moisture from the air and other surfaces for water damage restoration and drying carpets after cleaning. With such a strong air force, moisture is pushed up and out of the flooring, returning the damp area to its dry, natural state—no need to worry about bacteria, extra downtime, or long-lasting damage when air movers are involved.

3 Different Speeds, In 3 Different Operating Positions

With the ability to operate at three different speeds in three different operating positions, our air mover rentals are the perfect choice for handling various applications beyond drying. This includes providing better ventilation, cooling machinery down, blowing away dust and dispersing hazardous fumes and debris. They can even serve as humidifiers when mist is sprayed into the airflow.

Ready to Rent?

The Right Size of Air Mover for Your Needs

The larger the space, the more air mover rentals you require to achieve your desired outcome. Drying Equipment offers portable air movers that cover approximately 200 sqft per unit.

Daisy-chain three units together using built-in outlets on the side of the machine, eliminating the need for extension cords. Once finished, these machines stack up to five units high, saving you storage space until we return to pick up the rentals.

We recommend pairing our air mover rentals alongside our dehumidifier rentals for a dynamic duo that delivers fast results for flood-related situations. A carpet clamp accessory is also available to help hold a carpet in place for easy under- carpet drying.

Professional Winnipeg Air Mover Rentals are Available 24/7

Experience the best in drying equipment with our high- quality air mover rentals and on-demand service. Once you work with Drying Equipment, you’ll discover why so many clients are fans of our offerings – no pun intended. Choose your preferred time, number of units, and how many days you need the equipment to place your order. Our speedy team will be there in no time with the air mover rentals you require to achieve your desired goal.

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