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Offering The Best In Carpet Cleaner Rental Equipment

When renting a carpet cleaner from Drying Equipment Winnipeg, you can expect top-quality equipment and satisfying results.

Each carpet extractor rental comes with a brush chamber that helps to loosen debris deep in the carpet fibres, along with the ability to suction it away. When cleaning water out of a carpet, the machine uses a powerful wet vac to remove excess moisture across large areas right down to the base.

Despite their size, our carpet cleaner rentals are lightweight and easy to maneuver with adjustable handles and balanced wheels. Operate these units with peace of mind, as they are safe to use on most types of carpeting, including flooring made of synthetic and natural fibres.

Once we set up the machine for you, the cleaning process is simple. You just need to add your cleaning solution and follow the instructions located on the unit’s handle for quick reference.

Should you require extra assistance or want to ensure that the carpet cleaner rental is used correctly, one of our team members can stay after setting it up to operate the unit for you.

Carpet Water Extractor

(Recommended to be supported by a
Dehumidifier + Air Mover for water related
drying results)

Receive Your Carpet Cleaner or Extractor Rental Equipment in 2 Hours or Less.

Whether you are looking to deep clean your home or are dealing with an emergency flood at the workplace, Drying Equipment offers Winnipeg carpet cleaner and extractor rentals – available 24/7/365! Place an order online with our intuitive booking system, and we’ll arrive ready to set up your carpet cleaner rental in 2 hours or less!

Extract Dirt and Water With Our Winnipeg Carpet Cleaner Rentals.

Drying Equipment carpet cleaner rentals are here to put the power of clean and dry carpets into the hands of Winnipeg commercial, industrial and residential owners.

Don’t spend hours scrubbing away endlessly at spills or spots. Our carpet cleaner and extractor rentals use large tanks of water paired with cleaning solutions designed to remove even the toughest stains. Through hot water extraction and strong vacuum suction, these dual-action devices are fantastic at cleaning and extremely useful in removing moisture from wet carpets after water damage.

Get Results, Fast!

Plus, the results are fast! Our carpet cleaner rentals can have a dirty or water-soaked carpet looking brand new after a 3-day drying period when used alongside our dehumidifire and air mover rentals. Nots: This time may vary slightly depending on the room’d temperature and ventiation

Once the drying period is complete, you can safely return any furniture or equipment to the carpet, and our team will handle the rental pick-up.

It’s that easy!

Carpet Cleaner rentals Your Solution to Dirty and Wet Carpets.

Floods and leaks can happen anytime, which is highly disruptive for homeowners and businesses alike. That’s why we provide our Winnipeg carpet cleaner rentals whenever you need them. You can say goodbye to moisture damage and mold, forcing you to spend money on entirely new flooring. Our carpet cleaner rentals will have your carpet dry and ready to use in no time at all.

Beyond water damage, renting a carpet cleaner at least once a year is invaluable for removing dirt, dust mites, bacteria and other difficult-to-remove debris. Note: High-traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning.

The Ideal Solution for Households With Children Or Pets.

For households with children or pets, a carpet cleaner rental is perfect for a deep clean and can reduce allergies and other respiratory issues. Plus, homeowners can rejoice that their clean carpets will only help to provide value to their houses.

On the other hand, business owners can feel good knowing that their shops, warehouses, and other commercial buildings are a hygienic experience for both customers and staff. Contact us today to learn how our carpet cleaner rentals can provide fast turnarounds so you can get back to focusing on running your business.

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Save Money and Stress With Our Winnipeg Carpet Cleaner Rentals

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning results in Winnipeg at an affordable cost, look no further than Drying Equipment. Not only do we provide carpet cleaner rentals at competitive prices, but we also handle the delivery, set up and pick up of the equipment.

On average, it only costs around $30 a day to rent a carpet extractor, but it can be hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy your own. Avoid wasting large amounts of money on owning equipment that will only come with additional maintenance and service costs down the line.

From start to finish, Drying Equipment makes cleaning and drying your carpet as easy as possible. When you rent with us, our expert technicians handle the upkeep so you can focus on enjoying the desired results. Rent our latest model of carpet cleaner today and see your carpet transform back to top condition.