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Our Best Dehumidifier Rentals

At Drying Equipment Winnipeg, we offer two high-quality and
efficient dehumidifier rentals to choose from:

Dre-Eaz Drizair 1200 Dehumidifier

(Covers approximately 500 sqft per unit)

Dre-Eaz LGR 6000Li Dehumidifier

(Covers approximately 700 sqft per unit)

Receive Your Dehumidifier Rental Equipment in 2 Hours or Less.

Drying Equipment has expanded our popular industrial and commercial dehumidifier rental services to Winnipeg. Place an order on our website with our easy online system and receive your dehumidifier rental equipment in 2 hours or less. We handle the delivery, set up and pick-up of all our units, making the whole process quick and stress-free for you.

How Our Commercial and Industrial Dehumidifiers Can
Save Your Space.

Water damage, climate, daily activities and poor ventilation can cause high levels of humidity in the air. This excess moisture can lead to a whole host of problems, including foul odours, damaged furniture and respiratory health problems caused by mold mildew.

Sounds all too familiar? Well, you don’t have to deal with that problem much longer with our Winnipeg dehumidifier rentals.

The goal of a dehumidifier is to keep the air in a room dry, clean and comfortable at all times.

Dehumidifiers work to remove excess water vapour from the air and water molecules from surfaces, making them the perfect solution when humidity levels get too high.

Because of this, dehumidifier rentals are highly beneficial in spaces that are known to be damp, where controlled moisture conditions are necessary, or where floods or leaks have occurred. (Ie. Dehumidifiers for houses – bedrooms, basements, crawl spaces, etc).

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Winnipeg Dehumidifier Rentals Perfect for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use.

We provide dehumidifier rentals in Winnipeg for commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, our high-quality, reliable dehumidifier rentals offer the following benefits:

Regulate moisture in the air for items that need specific states of preservation, such as food, electronics, artwork, medicine, machinery, lithium batteries and more.

Reduce drying times for paint, concrete, laundry and other wet materials.

Protect equipment, inventory and the interior structure of buildings from corrosion and rust.

Improve overall air quality for residents, customers and staff by reducing fungus that causes allergies and asthma attacks.

Expel trapped water from underneath surfaces such as hardwood flooring.

Save you thousands of dollars returning water- damaged spaces to functioning order.

Prevent moisture from collecting on walls, windows and other surfaces.

Buying Versus renting A Dehumidifier

Rent from Drying Equipment Winnipeg and save time, money and extra hassle! Trust us when we say It’s better to rent a dehumidifier from our expert team versus buying your own.

When you purchase your dehumidifier, it’s crucial to consider the cost. Not only is acquiring a quality dehumidifier expensive upfront, but you also have to factor in the necessary ongoing maintenance and service fees. Eventually, you will end up stuck with an outdated system requiring you to purchase an upgrade later.

When you rent a dehumidifier from Drying Equipment, we ensure you have the right tools for the job and can test what works best for you without the commitment. Plus, after set-up, we provide simple instructions on how to use our dehumidifier rentals. Should you require more assistance, for an extra fee, we can stay on-site to monitor that everything is operating as it should.

Selecting the Best Dehumidifier Rental for Your Space.

It’s important to consider the size of your space and the rental time required when deciding which dehumidifier rental from Drying Equipment is right for your specific needs.

A dehumidifier rental typically takes a few days to a week to remove moisture from a room and reach the desored humidity level. However, your space’s current temperature and humidity can affect the time needed. If you require a longer dehumidifier rental, Drying Equipment offers special discount rates! The more days you need, the more you save.

With that in mind, the cost of renting dehumidifiers varies depending on the size of the unit. On average, commercial and industrial dehumidifiers cost between $40 to $70 daily, which adds up to around $200 to $300 per week.

Whether selecting a dehumidifier for a basement or a warehouse, determining the right model size and how many units are required is based on square footage. If you don’t know the square footage, simply multiply your room’s length, width and height to find this number.

We’re Available 24/7

Our specialists at Drying Equipment are available 24/7 to help provide you with our expertise on which dehumidifier rental is right for your situation. Interested in learning more about our commercial and industrial dehumidifier rentals in Winnipeg?