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Carpet Cleaner and Water Extractor

Carpet Cleaner and Water Extractor

 $34.99 /Per Day

Keep in mind…

  • Carpet cleaner can be used for home or office (cleaning solution is not included)
  • Carpet extractor is recommended to be used daily for a period of 3 days for the removal of excess water/liquids. Recommended to be supported by a dehumidifier and air mover for optimal results

Between 6pm and 8am, Please call to order 1 (866) 226-2703

How to Use a Carpet Extractor

How to Use a Vacuum Extractor & Carpet Cleaner

Dry a Wet Carpet after a flood or leak

Discount Rates
4 - 15 days : 15 % off
15 - 30 days : 25 % off
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Carpet Cleaner and Water Extractor

  • Four-position adjustable and collapsible handle
  • Cleaning instructions located on the handle
  • Removable bucket for easy filling and emptying
  • Four gallon bucket with three fill lines & Four gallon solution tank
  • Large 7? wheels for superior balance and easy maneuvering
  • Cast aluminum vacuum nozzle and brush chamber with stainless steel covers.
  • Hookup for upholstery/hand tool, floor wand & other attachments.
  • Non-corrosive metal, all stainless steel, brass & aluminum.
  • Compact: 12? wide, 25? tall 19.5? deep. Weighs only 39 pounds.

The “Lightweight” That Performs Like A “Heavyweight”.

Deposit Description


The Customer shall pay a security deposit % of an estimated value of the rental equipment at the time that this Rental Agreement is signed/agreed. This deposit will be returned to the Customer at the termination of the rental, subject to the option of the deposit % to apply it against equipment damages. Any amounts refundable to the Customer shall be paid at the time this rental is terminated.


The unit must be returned in the same condition received (clean, working condition and without damages) Otherwise charges will be applied.

How to Use

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