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Negative Air Exhaust Tube

Negative Air Exhaust Tube


Keep in mind…

  • Air Scrubber Tube comes in $5.99/ft.

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Negative Air Exhaust Tube

  • Every 1ft is $5.99 times as many FT customer selects…
  • Available by 1ft and up
  • Flat polyvinyl ducting expands up to 8.3″ diameter to fit air outlets on a
    variety of dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, negative air machines, and similar
  • 4-mil thickness for strength.

Deposit Description


The Customer shall pay a security deposit % of an estimated value of the rental equipment at the time that this Rental Agreement is signed/agreed. This deposit will be returned to the Customer at the termination of the rental, subject to the option of the deposit % to apply it against equipment damages. Any amounts refundable to the Customer shall be paid at the time this rental is terminated.

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